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Dance Research Guide

Library of Congress Subject Headings

In the library catalog, books, videos and other materials are assigned Library of Congress (LC) subject headings based on their content. Here is a sample list of dance- related subject headings, some of which pertain equally to books and videos (visual materials). When you view catalog records in Library Search, these subject headings display as active links pointing to other items with the same subject.

This is not an exhaustive list of subject headings pertinent to dance, but it should give you a sense of commonly used vocabulary and how subject headings are structured.

Aesthetics of movement officially: Movement, Aesthetics of
African American dance
Alexander technique
Dance criticism (the discipline & practice of dance criticism)
Dance notation
Dance pedagogy officially: Dance Study and teaching
Dance therapy
Dance production and direction
Dance religious aspects
Dance reviews (collections of dance reviews)
Dance stage-setting and scenery
Dancing injuries
Eurhythmics use: Eurythmics
Improvisation in dance
Injury prevention use: Wounds and injuries prevention or: Accidents prevention
Jazz dance
Modern dance
Movement education
Psychology+of+movement officially: Movement, Psychology of