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How to use Zotero to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. It lives right where you do your work—in the web browser itself.

Adding Content to your Library

Zotero Browser Connector

The easiest way to add items to your Zotero library is through the Zotero browser connector. Do this by clicking the little Zotero icon on your web browser (you may need to pin the plugin to the tool bar). This will pull the citation information and a PDF (if present) into your Zotero library.

      Image showing location of Zotero plugin on browser

The plugin has different icons to represent types of resources, such as books, journals, or webpages. If you have multiple items on a page (from a catalog or Amazon search, for example) all the items will show up in a folder icon.

Manually Add Citation

Add citations manually to your Zotero library by clicking on the green circle with the plus sign in the Zotero app. This will open a drop down menu where you can select the type of source you are entering, such as journal article, book, etc. Clicking on the more at the bottom reveals additional options. Doing this will add a blank citation to your library and open the information panel where you can put in information. 

shows how to add a citation manually to ZoteroShows where citation information can be add in Zotero for an item

You can add items using an identifier (DOI, PMID, ArXivID, ISBNs) by clicking on the little wand icon next to the plus sign icon. 

shows how to add item using an identifier

Drag and Drop

where to find options for creating a citation for an added PDF

You can drag and drop PDFs into the central column of your library or to a collection folder. Zotero should automatically pull reference information from the PDF, but if it doesn't you can right click on the PDF in your library and click "Create Parent Item". This will open a menu where you can either enter an identifier or select manual entry.



Import Citations

points to where to import items in Zotero menu. Import citations using BibTeX, EndNote XML or RIS file formats into Zotero by selecting File from the top main menu, then select import. Select the type of import you are doing, then you will be able to select the file you want to import. 



Watch the videos below to see these options in action! 

Videos on Adding References

Quick Demo of saving things into Zotero using the browser connector:



Here are some additional ways to get things into your Zotero Library: