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Course Guide to KRN 271: Political Change and Democracy in Korea

This Course guide is created for the class of KRN 271: Political Change and Democracy in Korea. It provides the students with the library resources on Korean Studies, specifically for their class projects and research papers. The Guides is divided in fo

Other Library Catalogs

If you can't find the book you need from our library, that's not the end of it.  You can continue your search at WorldCat, the online catalog of books and other materials held by the libraries almost all over the world.  You can retrieve the book you found from WorldCat through Interlibrary Loan.


Another catalog you can use is GIL, which stands for GALILEO Interconnected Libraries for the University System of Georgia.

GIL Universal Catalog

You can check out the book you found from GIL through Interlibrary Loan.

Locating Books

Library Search provides access to the Emory Libraries catalog, Articles+ and other search tool.

Library Search is the main search interface for locating items in Emory's libraries and digital repositories.  It also offers an Articles tab where you can search several databases at once for journal articles.  Here I'll introduce you the method to locate books by titles or authors and by subjects for the resources in all formats, books, journals, databases, DVDs and other medias.

If you know a book's title or author, the search will be straight forward, you simply type them in.  If you can't find them in Library Search, please go to the next column for interlibrary loan.

If you don't know any books on the topic you are interested in, you can type in the key words or subject headings, here are some examples:

                         Korean History

                         Korean Politics

                         Korean Democracy

                         North and South Korea

                         Korean Culture

You can further limit your search results by resource type, topic, language, publication date and so on.

Getting Books Emory Does Not Own

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a borrowing service for Emory students, faculty, and staff.  If a book, an article, a DVD, or any other resource that you need is not owned by Emory, the ILL team will try to get a copy from another library for you. It is a free service, but it will take about two weeks to diliever the material to you.  So, start your research earlier just in case you need to use this service.