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Course Guide to KRN 271: Political Change and Democracy in Korea

This Course guide is created for the class of KRN 271: Political Change and Democracy in Korea. It provides the students with the library resources on Korean Studies, specifically for their class projects and research papers. The Guides is divided in fo

Programs at Emory


Korean Studies Program

Emory's Korean Studies Program is fast growing with excellent faculty and great students' interest.  It not only offers Korean language classes, but also other dynamic courses in the subject areas of Korean history, culture, literature, religion, political science and Korean governments.  It offers Korean Studies minor.

East Asian Studies Program

Emory's East Asian Studies Program serves as an intellectual center connecting faculty and students from a broad range of disciplines, departments and schools, and links our East Asian-related activities with those of other university in the region as well as the community at large.  It offers East Asian Studies major for undergraduates



Research Help

Research Steps

After class starts, pretty soon you'll need to choose topics for your research paper or class project.  To begin this process, please follow the steps below and click the links for detailed instructions:

I need to start my research or pick a topic

I need to find sources for my research

I am looking for a specific item

I have a question about articles

I have a question about books

Are these sources good for my research?

I need help citing or using sources

I need help with printer, login, or access issues

Need Help?

Librarians are available to help you in-person or via telephone and e-mail.  For immediate help, simply stop by the Service Desk on the second floor, ask the library staff on duty there.  If you'd like to set up an appointment to work with me on the resources you need for your research project or paper, please email me with your research topic and questions, we can then meet to work on them. 


Here is my email address:  You can also fill in the Schedule A Research Consultation form and set up your appointment that way as well.