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HIST488W-1: Mass Incarceration beyond the New Jim Crow / Suddler

What are reference works?


Reference works: Provide an overview of your topic

Are often written by scholars or experts in the field

Provide key people, places, events, and terms that you can use to refine your searches

Often offer suggestions for further reading


If you're not sure where to start, handbooks, companions and review essays can be one place to explore what's been written. Here are some examples:

The Oxford Bibliography for African American Studies has a section, "Incarceration" 

Oxford Bibliographies also has a resource devoted to criminology.

There are also a number of Oxford Handbooks relevant to this class including:

Portals for Locating Handbooks & Companions

To find companions, handbooks, or bibliographies related to Native American and Indigenous Studies you can search discoverE; however, individual articles can be hard to find. Also try searching the portals to these resources below.

Oxford Bibliographies, annotated bibliographies that provide a gateway to research in particular subfields of Native American Studies.

Cambridge Companions, guides to various Native American literature topics.

Rutledge Handbooks, book-length companions to various topics.

Oxford Handbooks, reviews of scholarly literature.

Annual Reviews Online, reviews of scholarly literature in the sciences and social sciences. 

Encyclopedias & Biographical Databases

The databases below contain overviews of topics related to the Civil Rights Movement that can help shape your research. 

Find Biographical Information