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ENG380W - Writing with Animals / Prof. Yang

Research Guide for Bird by Bird: Writing with Animals

Databases for Your Class

The following databases are recommended for your class.

English Literature Databases

Databases from other disciplines

Types of Databases

The Emory Libraries have a large number of databases that can help you with your research. You can search in two different types of databases.

  • Multidisciplinary databases - Include both popular and scholarly sources on a wide range of topics. Consider trying the multidisciplinary database Academic Search Complete as a place to get started with a research project.
  • Subject-specific databases - Include scholarly and specialized articles from a specific discipline. See the Databases @ Emory list to get a sense of what subject-specific databases are available to you.

We also have databases that can help you locate sources like videos, images, data sets, data visualizations, primary sources, newspapers, interviews, etc.

Google Scholar is also a great place to search for articles. Use these directions to ensure that you can both find and access material from Google Scholar at the Emory Libraries.

Pro-tip: always scour through the bibliographies of the articles you're reading that relate to your research area/topic. Often you'll find that someone else has done the legwork of compiling articles/books directly relevant to your research interest!