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HIST 449W Uncovering Emory's Past

Atlanta Newspapers

Find information about Emory in Atlanta area newspapers. Here are a few papers that have digital back files:

Emory Digital Collections

Emory Wheel

Emory Wheel - Accessing the Emory Wheel in Luna  

  1. Go to Luna Digital Gallery
  2. Login  
  3. Select Emory Wheel  
  4. Click the down arrow in the Search box and select "Catalog Data & text in Documents".  
  5. Search for term  
  6. Select item  
  7. Search term again item

Search Tips:

  • “Exact Phrase” Put it in quotes!  
  • Emory AND Women
  • Emory AND (Women OR Female)

Boolean Operators Cheat Sheet

Emory Web Archives

Emory Web archives include websites produced by Emory's administrative offices, schools, departments, institutes, centers, and programs, as well as its faculty, student, and alumni organizations.