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Library Search User Guide

A user guide for searching the Emory Libraries Catalog

Login and Access

Logging into your Emory library account will allow you to:

  • Request loanable items from the catalog
  • View electronic items
  • Create and save bookmarks
  • View your loans, requests, and more via "My Library Card"

Follow these instructions to access your Emory Library account:

1. Go to the Library Search homepage.

2. Look for the blue LOGIN button in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it.

3. You will see two choices: Emory Users Login and Affiliate Login. Click on the appropriate choice. (Faculty, students, and staff will select Emory Users Login).

4. Sign in using your Emory credentials.

Requesting Items

Physical and electronic items are available to access for all Emory students, faculty, and staff. 

Though subject to permissions faculty, staff, and students can request or recall physical materials they would like to borrow from the Emory libraries via Library Search. Check out Emory's Guide to Borrowing Privileges.

Though subject to permissions faculty, staff, and students can request or recall physical materials they would like to borrow from the Emory libraries via Library Search. Check out Emory's Guide to Borrowing Privileges.

1. Once logged into Library Search, locate the item you would like to request and open the record.

2. Click on Locate/Request This Item underneath your item to find out your options. (If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so here).


3. For a simple physical item request, you will see the option to Request Physical Item under the heading "Get It." You can choose to pick your item up from several locations including many main campus Emory libraries, the Woodruff Library outdoor lockers, and the Oxford Campus Library.



4. For items that consist of several volumes (journals or multi-volume texts), you may see a list of items or volumes to choose from as well as the option to request an article or chapter.



5. Though subject to permissions, if you choose to request a physical item, you can pick it up from the location of your choice.

You can use Library Search to find and access electronic items such as online books, videos, sound recordings, and journals.

You can also choose to request a PDF of an article or chapter. (See the former section on requesting multi-volumes or journals).

If you select this, you will be linked to the Interlibrary loan (ILLiad) page. Your login details will be requested again. Enter the required information and library staff will scan and upload the document to ILLiad, then will notify you by email when the PDF is available.

To search for online items, you can filter by "Access", "Resource Type" or both via Library Search.

Remember that you need to be logged into your account using the blue Login button at the top right of the library search page. If you are not signed in, you should receive a prompt from the system. If you receive several prompts, continue to sign in each time you are asked.

1. Once logged in, you can use the connect button to find the item.

2. After you click "connect," you will be directed to the item's online location. Click on that for direct access.


3. For further information on how to access e-books, please see the Emory e-book guide.

My Library Card

The My Library Card tab takes you to your library account. Here you can:

  • View current library loans and renew materials
  • See the status of any requests
  • View library fines or fees
  • View messages or blocks concerning your library account
  • Check your personal details

Note that My Library Card is a record of items and information associated with your account while you STILL need to login to the Emory system to access physical and electronic materials as well as create bookmarks.

1. Loans and Renewals:

You can check return dates and renew your materials here. Borrowing privileges vary by library and by patron type.

Check out this guide for for detailed information.


2. Requests:


This tab will allow you to view the status of any materials you have requested from the library.

Physical materials can be collected from your chosen location (selected during the requesting process).


3. Pay Fines and Fees:


Fines, fees, and payment methods vary by library. Please check with the relevant library for more information.


4. Blocks and Messages:


Any important messages or information pertaining to a block will be displayed in this section.


5. Personal Details:


Under the personal details tab, you will find information on your account type, email address, and telephone number. If you believe any details are incorrect, please notify the Emory registrar. For official name changes, please see this guide.