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FILM 395R/ITAL 376 - Cinema of Federico Fellini

Locating Film Reviews



Accessing Variety

Accessing Variety

Variety has long been the leading trade publication of the entertainment industry. Depending on what years you are researching, a few different sources are available.

The commercial website for Variety is important to be familiar with, but you will have to create citations manually for any articles you find there. These two scholarly databases are recommended because they not only provide comprehensive, full-text coverage of Variety, but they also provide citations for all of the articles they index.

1905-2000: Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive.

1999 - Present: Film and Television Literature With Full Text

For both databases:

  • Search normally. On the left you can filter by the publication title Variety (and Daily Variety in Film and Television Literature Index). OR
  • Use the “Advanced Search” function and enter Variety as the “Publication Title” together with your search terms. OR
  • Use the "Publications" link on top to go to the Variety landing page in the database to browse issues or search within the publication.

Both databases have other industry trade publications that are worth exploring in addition to Variety.

Alternative for the Classical Hollywood Studio EraMedia History Digital Library

  • Offers free and open access for the years 1905-1954, as well as access to a number of other trade journals.
  • You will have to create your own citations manually for any articles that you find.

Daily Variety Archives: The Woodruff Library also has access to the Daily Variety archives. Ask James Steffen for information about how to access. You must be a current Emory student or faculty member.