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Naming Honors Research Guide

Resources providing biographical information and sources for further research into Emory-affiliated figures


Names on Emory University's campuses reflect the institution’s history. Appointed in 2020, the University Committee on Naming Honors reviewed new historic and contested historic names associated with buildings, spaces, programs, scholarships, and other honors named for individuals in Emory’s history. Atticus Greene Haygood, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, George Foster Pierce, and Robert Mearns Yerkes were among the historic Emory figures that were reviewed in the committee's 2021 report. This guide provides a number of resources on the life and times of select individuals that help to contextualize the university’s recent examination of its named spaces and programs.

Emory institutional history initiatives

Scholarship on Emory's and other universities' connections to slavery