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Linear Optimization

Math 346 course Intro to Optimization Theory

The Basics

Many library databases and Google Scholar have citation features that allow you to automatically generate a citation for a source in a specific citation style.

Tip: If the link you saved/bookmarked for an article or e-book is no longer permitting you to read the title for free, you may need to remind the site you have access to Emory's subscriptions. To do this, add this bookmarklet to your browser. Then, when you click this link, it will try to log you into any site using Emory's access. If this doesn't work, email Kristan

Citing Data & APIs

Emory's GIS Librarian, recommends you collect as much information about your source as possible including:

  • Title
  • Name of dataset author
  • Producer
  • Edition
  • Year published / Copyright date
  • Source Type
  • Resource URL
  • Date accessed