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AAS285: Black Ecology Culture

Finding Articles (Journal, Magazine, Encyclopedia)

If you can not find what you need in the above databases, contact a librarian for options best for your specific topic. 

News on the Issues - Find Multiple Perspectives

Finding Poetry

  1. In Google searching try building your search like this: 

(African American OR Black) AND poet* AND [insert your keyword here!]

Here are some example searches:

2. For food culture, also consider finding food-related poems written in the book series, Cornbread Nation

Finding Art

  1. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Schomburg Syllabus about environmental racism, gentrification & urban development, and U.S. cities includes art, essays, articles, and photographs available online. 
  2. To find visual art collections produced by African American artists via google try searching for the terms ("African American" OR Black) alongside keywords like nature, ecology or environment, along with your particular topic(s) of interest:

(African American OR Black) AND "visual art" AND (ecology OR environment) AND [insert your keyword here!]

Here are some example searches:

You'll get a list of articles, blog posts, etc. on the topic, which often include artists' works. You can also click on the "images" link just about the search box to browse works. 

This is just a place to start. Once you've identified some artists, search Emory's newspaper and scholarly databases to find out more about them! For some tips on databases to search, explore Emory's Art History Guide.

Google Custom Searches

Tip: When searching google, it's a good idea to think about how you structure your searches. Use boolean search terms (AND, OR, NOT), parentheses, quotation marks and asterisks to get the most relevant results. Can you figure out what the search strings below are asking google to search? If you need help deciphering them consult this guide to search operators or contact Jennifer, Erica, or Kristan.