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ANT 204: Introduction to Archaeology

Megan Beney Kilgore, Fall 2021

Finding Books and Films

Use the library catalog to find books, journals, films, government documents, microfilm collections and other materials at the Emory Libraries. Emory owns many DVDs related to anthropology in addition to the streaming content. These are included in the library catalog, but may be difficult to identify. Contact the Anthropology Librarian if you need help identifying films on your topic.

Streaming Ethnographic and Documentary Film Databases:

Beyond Emory

We try to provide everything you need for your research, but no library can do it all. If you find something that we don't have, we'll get it for you from another library using interlibrary loan, or contact the Anthropology Librarian for additional help.

Tozzer Library
One of the great anthropology collections is at Harvard University in the Tozzer Library. The library collects comprehensively in all four subfields of anthropology and covers a broad geographic range with special emphasis on indigenous peoples of the Americas. Tozzer Library is also renowned for their collections of primary sources and other rare materials (e.g. Maya language materials, Spanish Colonial documents, and field notes).

This catalog searches the collections of more than 9,000 member institutions, including most of the major libraries in North America, and many in Western Europe and Australia. If you can't find what you're looking for at Emory or in the Tozzer Library at Harvard, this is a great place to look.

Browsing for Books in the Library

Archeological texts are distributed throughout the library collection and are often classified by the geographic region of study. If you like to browse, consult the Library of Congress Classification Outline to identify relevant call ranges beyond Anthropology (GN1-890). For example:

  • CC1-190  Archaeology
  • E51 - E73  History of the Americas. Pre-Columbian America
  • F1218.5 - F1221  Mexico. Antiquities. Indians
  • GN700-890  Anthropology. Prehistoric Archaeology

Note on LC classification and subject headings: Remember that while the LC classification system organizes a diverse body of knowledge, like all classification systems it reflects the worldview of those who created it and therefore is biased in some ways. This is particularly important to keep in mind when looking for material related to Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ topics, and interdisciplinary topics. Kam (2007) provides a brief overview of some of the issues.