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ANT 204: Introduction to Archaeology

Megan Beney Kilgore, Fall 2021

General Reference Resources

Reference sources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, or guides to the literature are a great way to find background information on a topic as well as build a vocabulary for more effective searches. Below are a few online and print resources to get you started. We have many more resources so if you don't see what you need here, search the library catalog.

Handbooks and Encyclopedias

To find more archaeology encyclopedias, search for archeology encyclopedia or prehistoric encyclopedia as the keyword in the library catalog. Use the spelling 'archeology' to retrieve items spelled archaeology and archeology (Why the spelling difference?). There are many other encyclopedias available for particular regions, cultures, and periods. To find additional handbooks, search for anthropology handbook or archeology handbook as the keyword in the library catalog.