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Research Tips

Steps for finding other programs, policies, innovations, and campaigns:

  1. Google your topic focusing on universities by using the advanced search setting the domain to .edu 
  2. Google your topic focusing on government agencies using the advanced search setting the domain to .gov
  3. Search business news to see what companies and nonprofits are involved.
  4. Take notes of any key agencies, universities, businesses from steps 1-3. Find their webpages and use the google advanced search to search your topic at a specific domain. See the example below for searching for Emory.
  5. Find the leading associations that help set policies and guidelines for their members by searching Encyclopedia of Associations by topic or name. 
  6. Search the higher education literature for your topic to learn of other universities and colleges and their efforts. 
  7. Contact Kristan to plan the next research steps for your topic. Your topic will dictate the other journals and magazines to also study, so you will each be different at this point. 

Example of Advanced Google Search

Search using the Advanced Google Search including the site/domain. 

Studying OSI's peers

Search this tool by typing in your sustainability topic to learn what some of Emory's peers are doing. Note: this focuses you to  OSI's pre-selected peers at hospitals, colleges, and universities. To get the most complete picture of what all U.S. universities are doing, you should use the steps outlined above in Research Tips or email Kristan. 

For a larger search screen, search directly at this customized search.