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British and Irish Literature: W B Yeats

Planning Your Research Visit to the Rose Library

Please note that not all manuscript collections are housed in the Rose Library. Some collections are located in an off-site storage facility and must be requested in advance. To ensure your timely accessibility to our collections on and off-site, we appreciate advance notice of the collections you intend to view.

We are happy to assist you as you prepare for your research visit. If you have any questions about our collections, questions regarding the Rose Library's researcher policies, and/or would like to request materials to be on hold for your research visit, please email to the attention of Research Services.

Manuscript Collections

Gonne, Maud. (MSS 771). Collection, 1870-1978; 2.75 linear ft. (5 boxes).

The Maud Gonne collection includes letters, photographs, and genealogical material collected by Professor Conrad Balliet in the course of his research, as well as audiotape interviews he conducted with a number of Maud Gonne's family members and acquaintances. Present are ten original letters written between 1902 and 1950 in which Maud Gonne discusses her marriage to Major John MacBride and her feelings for W.B. Yeats, among other subjects. The collection also includes twelve photographs of Maud Gonne dating from childhood through old age.


Gonne, Maud and W. B. Yeats. (MSS 930). Papers, ca. 1890-1938; 2.5 linear ft. (5 boxes).

The collection consists primarily of correspondence, including 375 letters from Maud Gonne to W.B. Yeats, written between 1890 and 1930. The collection also contains 27 letters from Yeats to Gonne from roughly the same period. Most of these letters were published in the volume The Gonne-Yeats Letters 1893-1938 (W.W. Norton, 1992) edited by Maud Gonne's granddaughter, Anna MacBride White, and A. Norman Jeffars. Other notable correspondents include Lady Augusta Gregory, Gonne's cousin, May "Bertie" Clay, John Quinn, John O’Leary, and Maud Gonne's lawyer, Mr. Williams. Also includes French transcripts of the Gonne/MacBride divorce proceedings.


Gregory Family. (MSS 624). Papers, 1774-1932; 23.25 linear ft. (46 boxes, 7 bound volumes, 2 oversized bound volumes, 10 oversized papers).

Of particular note in this collection are the papers of Lady Gregory (1852-1932), playwright, including family correspondence, general correspondence, writings, diaries, notebooks, financial and legal papers, and printed material dating from [1879-1930] (6 boxes, 4 scrapbooks). Lady Gregory's correspondence includes a number of letters from and about Yeats.


Moore, T. Sturge (Thomas Sturge). (MSS 188). Collection, 1928-1934; .25 linear ft. (1 box, 1 oversized paper).

T. Sturge Moore (1870-1944) was an English author, art critic, and wood engraver. The collection contains forty-one letters from Moore to Charles Wilson dating from 1928-1934 concerning professional and personal issues as well as criticism of contemporary authors and discussions of his own work. The collection also has two photographs of Moore, four pen and ink drawings Moore made for Yeats' Reveries, and one bookplate designed by Moore.


Pound, Ezra. (MSS 778). Collection, 1911-1920; .25 linear ft. (1 box).

This collection includes eight letters written by Pound (1885-1972) to the American patron John Quinn in which he discusses Maud Gonne, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, as well as other subjects. Also present is a single three page typescript by Lennox Robinson which discusses this Pound/Quinn correspondence. The collection also contains a single printed item, a broadside for Ezra Pound's "Three Lectures on Medieval Poetry," one of which was chaired by W.B. Yeats. Restrictions: The letters of Ezra Pound may not be reproduced without the permission of the Pound estate.


Yeats, W. B. (William Butler). (MSS 600) . Collection, 1875-1965; 1.75 linear ft. (4 boxes, 3 oversized papers, 1 framed item).

The W.B. Yeats collection includes literary manuscripts, revised texts, letters, and photographs dating from 1875-1965. The literary manuscripts include manuscript drafts of poems and plays as well as holograph emendations to many of Yeats’ (1865-1939) published works. Correspondence includes letters from Yeats to various acquaintances discussing his poetic and dramatic works, Irish politics, the Abbey Theatre, and his personal life. Many of the letters are addressed to his friend and compatriot Lady Gregory. Another group of letters to the publisher T. Werner Laurie relates to the publication of the 1925 edition of A Vision. Among the photographs in the collection are numerous pictures of Yeats, his family, and friends.

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