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ARTHIST 590 Art Historical Methods (main)

Theories and Methods for a Twenty-First Century Art History

self + final, low-stakes reflection

In the note to self that you will post to Canvas at the start of the semester, write a note to your end-of-semester self. Reflect on your values, and identify your goals for the semester, the academic year, and the more distant future. Think about the things you will aim to do in order to attend to your own wellbeing during the coming months. Note any concerns or questions you may have.

Analytical responses and probing questions

After you complete the materials assigned for each week, write an analytical response to the art-or architecture-related assignments and generate five related probing questions. Limit your response, not including the questions, to 250 words. Post each response plusfive discussion questions to Canvas by the deadline to receive full credit. Assignments submitted late will not receive credit. Also, when you post your response and questions, include the word count for the response only within parentheses somewhere in the submission.

Visualizing art history assignments

You will receive additional information about the visualizing art history assignments throughout the semester. The complete set of assignments will provide you with opportunities to experiment with digital methods for the study of art and of art history.