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PHIL 411: Phenomenology


Welcome to the PHIL 411: Phenomenology course guide! This guide provides access to relevant resources from Emory University Libraries.

Call Numbers: Locating Books

Call #           Subject

B                  Philosophy (General)

B 819 Existentialism

B ~829-B3279 Phenomenology

BC               Logic
BD               Speculative philosophy
BF                Psychology
BH               Aesthetics
BJ                Ethics

Helpful Subject Headings

Begin your search with keywords relevant to your topic. As you are browsing the item records, please make a note of the Library of Congress Subject Headings that are pertinent to your research topic. Some sample subject headings are listed below. You can also check the Library of Congress Classification online.

  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy, Modern
  • Existentialism
  • Phenomenology
  • Intersubjectivity
  • Time Philosophy
  • Time perception
  • Subjectivity
  • Other (Philosophy)
  • Self (Philosophy)
  • Consciousness
  • Perception
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Embodiment
  • Intentionality (Philosophy)
  • Agent (Philosophy)
  • Act (Philosophy)
  • Will
  • Free will and determinism
  • Reason