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Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals

Here's your guide to accessing newspapers, magazines, and journals at Oxford College Library.

Welcome to the Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals Guide!

New York Times

Full digital access to the New York Times is available online via

Use the instructions below to create a new account or to reauthorize your existing account to access this resource.

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Wall Street Journal

Full digital access to the Wall Street Journal and its online content, including the WSJ app and podcasts.

Use the instructions below to create a new account or to reauthorize your existing WSJ account to access this resource. The archive goes back 4 years–for more archival research, go to FactivaWall Street Journal Historical, and Proquest WSJ.

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Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Sign in with Emory’s Single Sign-On using your Emory University email and password

Step 3 – The first time you sign in, you will be redirected to a separate Wall Street Journal (WSJ) account web page, where you will either create a new account or sign in to reauthorize your existing WSJ account.

a. Account Type—select your status: Student, Staff, or Professor

b. Email Address—It is suggested you use a different email address than your Emory one.

c. Password—Enter a password for the Wall Street Journal account you are setting up (do NOT enter your Emory University password at this step since this is NOT an Emory account, but rather a WSJ account).

After it is set up you will also be able to access this new account from the WSJ app on your phone/tablet.

Step 4 – After the first time signing on, you will be able to sign in directly through


Instructions adapted from the Emory Libraries Wall Street Journal Institutional Access guide.


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