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Accessing the New York Times

  1. Visit Emory’s NYT Digital Access page (you will be prompted to authenticate using your Emory NetID and password)
  2. Click Create Account to set up your NYTimes account.
  3. Fill out the Create Your Account form using your email address
    • Within an hour of clicking Sign Up, you will receive a confirmation email from NYTimes. Click on the link embedded in the email to complete your account activation.
  4. You can now download the app for your mobile devices, sign in, and start reading the NYTimes. You can also log in directly to the website.
  • FAQs

    1. What if I already have a account via Emory, but I am hitting a paywall (e.g. articles are “locked”)?
      • If you have a account via Emory, you will need to reauthenticate once a year for online and mobile device access. To reauthenticate, click “Already have an account? Log in here” on Emory’s NYT Digital Access page, log in using your email and indicate your current status at Emory (i.e. student, faculty/staff/administrator or other).
    2. Once I graduate, when will my account be turned off?
      • September 30 of your graduation year.
Accessing The Wall Street Journal

  • Use the instructions below to get full digital access to the Wall Street Journal and its online content, including the WSJ app and podcasts. The archive goes back 4 years–for more archival research, go to FactivaWall Street Journal Historical, and Proquest WSJ.


  1. Visit The Wall Street Journal's Emory Partner page (you will be prompted to authenticate using your Emory NetID and password)
  2. If you already have a WSJ account, sign in from The Wall Street Journal's Emory Partner page to reauthorize your existing account.

    If you are signing in for the first time, you will need to fill out the Create Account form. 
    • Account Type: select your status (i.e. Student, Staff, or Professor)
    • Email Address: we recommend using a non-Emory email address
    • Password—Enter a password for the Wall Street Journal account you are setting up (do NOT enter your Emory University password at this step since this is not an Emory account, but rather a WSJ account).
  3.  After signing in for the first time or reauthorizing your existing account, you will be able to sign in directly through or the WSJ app on your phone/tablet.

Instructions adapted from the Emory Libraries Wall Street Journal Institutional Access guide.

Accessing the Chronicle

  1. There are two options to access the Chronicle of Higher Education. Option 1: website access. This will give you access to the Chronicle's website, so you can browse current articles. 
  2. Option 2: Back issues. This will take you to a series of databases where you can view back issues. Note that the most recent month of coverage is not available through this option. 
  3. Both host databases will require you to log in with your Emory netID and password.
    • If you choose Chronicle of Higher Education, you are taken to the Chronicle site after login - you should see a message in the top left of the page indicating that your access was successfully authenticated by Emory.


Current newspaper articles Historical newspaper articles
current newspaper articles
historical newspaper articles

Icons are from the Noun Project and under Creative Commons license (CCBY): Newspaper by IconMark, and Back In Time by K Ξ L L Ξ R.

Current Newspaper Articles

Historical Newspaper Articles