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Qualitative Research


 This guide will:

  • Introduce you to qualitative research methods.
  • Provide definitions and resources on diverse types of qualitative research.
  • Give you information on online data sets to access for your own use and to classes and workshops for qualitative research training.
  • Offer qualitative software options for transcription and coding.
  • Inform you on the importance of data citation and data management.

What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research:

  • Studies and evaluates lived experiences and social life.
  • Often generates new theories about social life.
  • Instead of focusing on statistics and large data sets, as in quantitative research, qualitative researchers study smaller communities and groups of people to attempt to understand socio-cultural contexts, interactions, and events
  • (Adapted from Patricia Leavy. 2014. "Introduction." In The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research. Patricia Leavy, editor.)


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