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Academic Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools

When you have a lot to accomplish in a little time, you'll find yourself wanting to improve your productivity. We've compiled a guide of tools and methods you may use to complete your studies and manage the rest of your life at the same time.

Why are there so many methods and tools? Simply put, not everyone accomplishes tasks the same way. What works for you might not achieve the same results for your classmate. If you try something from one of these pages and it doesn't do what you need it to, don't be discouraged. You might find a new technique we haven't mentioned. If that happens, be sure to let us know so we can list it here!

Time Management Ninja offers some tips for how to choose tools that suit your needs.

More Resources

If you're looking for other places to gather methods and tools, consider the DiRT Directory, a registry of digital scholarship tools compiled and overseen by technologists and education experts.

Also, for alternatives to the applications you use every day, consider AlternativeTo, a website on which people can suggest and vote for their preferred alternatives to commonly used software.