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HLTH 495A: Honors Research

Professor Hall-Clifford, Spring 2024 (Atlanta)

Helpful databases

Advanced search techniques

  • Identify keywords, synonyms, and alternative search terms.
  • Search several databases.
    • Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to expand or refine results.
    • Use wildcard character (*) to search for related terms.
  • Follow "cited by" trails in bibliographies or on Google Scholar.
  • Set up an account or folder within a database to save materials.
  • Set up search alerts to keep track of most current research.

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar may point you to scholarly articles that are accessible in the library databases. If you find an article, follow the prompt that says "Full Text at Emory."

Note: You may use the same search tools used in databases and Library Search (i.e. Boolean Operators, key terms, etc.) in Google Scholar!

Google Scholar Search

Tip: Link Google Scholar to Emory Libraries!

  • Navigate to settings
  • Select Library links
  • Type Emory University
  • Search and select checkbox "Find it @ Emory"
  • Save