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HLTH 200-1: Peer Health Training

Spring 2022

Jogging with Friends

Photo by Fitsum Admasu on Unsplash

Practical Assignment

From the course syllabus:

Students are responsible for organizing, creating, and executing one brief individual presentation and leading a short discussion on an assigned topic and reading material from the class. 

Prior to presenting in class, each student will meet with their assigned faculty contact to review their presentation draft and receive constructive feedback. 

After presenting, students will complete a brief assignment to reflect on their experience. 

1) Pre-Practical Meeting with Faculty (30 points)
2) Practical Evaluation (80 points)
3) Post-Practical Reflection (20 points)

From the Pre-Practical Worksheet:

  • Offer up the evidence:
    • facts
    • quotes
    • evidence (including your outside evidence source) to back up your main points
  • List the outside evidence you are integrating into your presentation. 
    • Summarize the evidence, how it supports your assigned topic/reading, and how it relates to college health.
    • Include the article citation in an appropriate format (i.e. AMA, MLA, APA, etc.) Answer in 3-4 sentences.