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Finding an Article From a Citation

How to find an article when you have its citation.

Getting to eJournals

My first step is to head to the library homepage. I know that I’m looking in a journal, so I’m going to follow the link for eJournals.

Oxford library homepage with eJournals link highlighted

Looking Up a Journal

I know the title of the journal I’m looking for! I enter it into the search bar and click on the result I get.


Journal search results screen with desired journal highlighted

The journal is popular and is hosted in several places. Think of this like a show being on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. I just need to choose where I am going to view it. I can see that one site only has the journal issues through 2019, and another doesn’t have the most recent 3 years. I’ll pick American Economic Association (AEA) and click on its link, because it doesn’t have any restrictions.

What's my next step? On the AEA website, I will be able to find the article I'm looking for.

Popup screen with 5 host databases listed