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ARTHIST 190|CL190 Sex, Lies & Politics in Ancient Rome: Suetonius & the 12 Caesars (Main)

Popular perceptions of Rome’s first twelve Caesars (who included Julius Caesar, Augustus, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian) are often fueled by the ancient biographer Suetonius’s lurid and scandalous accounts of the period. Suetoniu

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL)

Corpus inscriptionum latinarum : consilio et auctoritate Academiae litterarum regiae borussicae editum.Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Berolini : apud G. Reimerum 1862-  (8th Floor STACKS in the Folio section). A multi-volume collection of ancient Latin inscriptions from the whole territory of the Imperium, geographically and systematically arranged.

ndex of public buildings and monuments is on page 5267 of Volume 6, Part 8, Section 3.

Corpus inscriptionum latinarum:  Conspectus

Vol. VI:            Inscriptiones Urbis Romae

Pars 1, nos. 1-3925 (Sacra, Imperatores, Res Sacerdotum, Res militum).
Pars 2, nos. 3926-15126 (Monumenta Columbariorum, Tituli Officialium, Sepulcrales).
Pars 3, nos. 15127-24320 (Sepulcrales).
Pars 4, fasc 1, nos. 24321-30681 (Sepulcrales, Varii, Fragmenta).
Pars 4, fasc. 2, nos. 30682-36745 (Sacra, Imperatores, Magistrati, Res Sacerdotum, Res Militum, Monumenta Columbariorum, Tituli             Officialium).
Pars 5, Falsae.
Pars 6, fasc. 1, Index- Nomina Virorum et Mulierum.
Pars 6, fasc. 2, Index- Cognomina Virorum et Mulierum
Pars 7, fasc. 1-7, Indices