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Qur'anic Studies

An introductory guide to resources for the critical study of the Qur'an


Part of BrillOnline Reference Works, the Qurʾān Concordance is a unique finding aid which allows users to identify and localize text fragments, or even snippets, of the Qur'an. The Qurʾān Concordance is part of the subscription to Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān Online, and is presented as a separate but connected title.


This online tool shows the context of any word in the Quran with word dependencies considered. When the user enter a word the tool will show all words mentioned before or after the target word up to N levels where N is chosen by the user. The target word is highlighted in red and the words before and after are also highlighted but in blue. The tool also supports QAC PoS tags. 
Another  feature in this tool shows the most repeated phrases before and after the target word, for example if the target word is “eats” and the specified context level is 3 the tool will show the most repeated trigrams (including target) such as “A and B eats” and “C and D eats” as “pre-context” and “eats X Y” and “eats Y Z” as “post-context”.

Other Resources