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Course Guide to CHN/EAS/HIST 279W: China after 1976

This Course Guide is created for Prof. Jia-Chen Fu's class. It provides students with library resources that relate to the class subject topic and aims.

Getting Books Emory does Not Own


 Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a borrowing service for Emory students, faculty, and staffIf there is a book, article, DVD, microfilm reel, or any other resource that you need that is not owned by Emory the ILL team will try to get a copy from another library for you. It is a free service, but it will take about two weeks to diliever the material to you.  So, start your research earlier just in case you need to use this service.

Locating Books


Library Search
Library Search is the main search interface for locating books, journals and newspapers both in print and electronic formats, films and movies in DVD and online, archives and databases, etc. in Emory's libraries.


WorldCat is an online catalog of books and other materials held by libraries worldwide.  You can find books, journals, newspapers, films, movies and databases that are not only help by Emory libraries but also by the libraries all over the world.