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Game Collection

Explore the game collection at Oxford College Library!

Play Games Wherever You Are

Find resources below for playing favorite games, old and new. You can even play some with friends!

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Dungeons & Dragons and Other Tabletop RPGs


Get Started with D&D - Free official Basic Rules and Character Sheets

Free adventures from Dungeon Masters Guild

Additional free remote D&D tips


Roll20 - Free virtual tabletop that can be adapted for a variety of role playing games

DonJon - All the random generators (names, dungeons, maps, etc) you could ever want

Board Games

Catan - The original game, available for free across several platforms

Mobile and Web Games

GeoGuessr - Score points by guessing locations by your surroundings

Sort the Court - Rule a kingdom and balance your resources

Kingdom of Loathing - Funny and absurd pseudo-MMO

Fallen London - Beautiful narrative RPG

Town of Salem - Werewolf-like browser game of mob hysteria

Classic Spelunky - Indie roguelike gem with endless replayability

QWOP - A fan of Getting Over It or Surgeon Simulator? Try the original QWOP, the fiendishly difficult movement game