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Game Collection

Explore the game collection at Oxford College Library!

> 120 min.

  Arkham Horror

  Players: 1-8

  Playing Time: 120-360 min. 

  Type: Thematic

  Axis & Allies

  Players: 2-5

  Playing Time: 240 min. 

  Type: History


  Players: 3-5

  Playing Time: 180-240 min. 

  Type: Card


  Players: 2-7

  Playing Time: 360 min. 

  Type: History

  Power Grid

  Players: 2-6

  Playing Time: 120 min. 

  Type: Strategy


  Players: 2-6

  Playing Time: 120 min. 

  Type: Classic

  Twilight Struggle

  Players: 2

  Playing Time: 120-180 min. 

  Type: Strategy