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Technology Guide

Find out what technology and equipment is available at the Oxford College Library


Find the right charger for your device.

All chargers, adapters, and cables loan out for a 7 day period.

Overdue chargers accumulate fines at $1.00 per hour.

MacBook Chargers

USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 Charger

2016 or newer MacBooks

MagSafe 2 Charger

2013 to 2015 MacBooks

iPad/iPhone Chargers

Lightning Charger

2015 or newer iPads/iPhones

PC Chargers 

USB-C Charger

Dell XPS 13

Asus Chromebook

HP Spectre/Elite X2

Dell 45W Laptop Charger
Microsoft Surface Pro 44W Charger

Android Chargers

Micro-USB Charger

Most Android Phones


Samsung Chargers

USB-C Charger

Galaxy 8