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East Asian Studies Research Guide

Provides information for the researches on East Asian Studies. The resources includes books, journals, newspapers, conference proceedings, local gazetteers, dissertations in the formats of print and online.

Research Support for Chinese Studies

The East Asian Studies librarian supports the research, teaching and learning of the Emory community through individual research consultations, class instructional sessions and course/research guides.  Please contact the librarian directly:, 404-727-0411

Chinese Resources Search Engine - DUXIU


DUXIU - 读秀

Duxiu is an aggregated search engine created by SuperStar Digital Library. The Duxiu database provides access to more than 3 million Chinese bibliographic entries and 2 million full text scholarly resources in all subjects and formats, such as books, journal articles, conference papers and video clips.

Locating E-Journals

A number of Chinese journals are subscribed, some of them are in print version which are displayed in the Matheson Reading Room (see the List of Journals in Reading Room), the others are in electronic version that you can read them online. 


Some E-journals on Chinese Studies

Chinese literature

Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese

Chinese Literature Today

China Media Report Overseas

Chinese Studies in History

Chinese Education & Society

Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews


Chinese Literature Today


Journal of Contemporary China


Modern China Studies


Journal of Chinese Philosophy


Journal of Chinese Religion


Chinese Studies in History

Access Chinese Collections



Library Search provides access to the Emory Libraries catalog, Articles+ and other search tools.


Visit the Library Search gateway to start your catalog search.


You can also find books in WorldCat, a catalog of resources held by libraries worldwide.

GIL Universal Catalog

All the catalogs of the University System of Georgia.


Han Yu Da Ci Dian & Kangxi Dictionaries 汉语大词典和康熙字典

The two most famous and Comprehensive Chinese dictionaries in China.  The Great Chinese Dictionary includes 22,700 single characters while the Kangxi Dictionary covers 47,043 Chinese characters.  It serves the  needs for classical literature research besides the meaning of each character.

China Academic Journals 中国学术杂志库

This full text journal article database contains more than 8,200 journal titles, covering the period of time from 1994 to the present.  Search words should be Chinese characters.

China Core Newspaper Database 中国主要报纸数据库

CCND selects core newspaper articles published in mainland China since 2000, the sources are from 1,000 publicly issued newspapers in mainland China.  Search words should be Chinese characters.

China Data Online 中国数据在线

China Data Online is a collection of data on economics, demographics, and other such topics.  Data are available for China as a whole and for individual provinces, counties, and cities.  Depending on the topic and geographic area, data are available in annual, quarterly, or monthly increments.

Siku Quanshu 四库全书

The Siku Quanshu is undisputed as the largest single assembly of classical works in the world. It was compiled by edict of Emperor Qianlong, the Siku Quanshu (complete library of four treasures) is a compendium of 3,000 years of Chinese knowledge, including literature, history, medicine, science and technology, diplomacy, philosophy, linguistics and so much more.

China Local Gazetteers 中国新方志数据库

CLG is a comprehensive collection of Chinese local gazetteers covering all regions of China.  As of January 2014, there are over 26,400 volumes of full-text titles in this database.  Thousands of volumes are expected to be added to the database annually.

Dissertations of China 中国学位论文数据库

DOC presents the most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from Chinese research institutions since 1980.

China Online Journals 中国数字化期刊全文数据库

COJ includes 7,578 journal titles published in China.  Its high-quality full-text records display extensive article-related information, which greatly facilitates user's research.  COJ could be the most cost-effective journal database in China with many user-friendly features.

Academic Conferences in China 中国学术会议论文数据库

ACIC includes academic papers (in Chinese or English) from national and international conferences held in China since 1985.

Policies and Laws of China 中国法律法规数据库

PLOC is a comprehensive collection of full-text Chinese legislation, jurisdictions, cases, official announcements and treaties published after 1949.

Scripta Sinica 漢籍電子文獻資料庫

Scripta Sinica is a full-text database established for academic research. Scripta Sinica is the largest Chinese full-text database to encompass an enormous breadth of historical materials of this scale.

China: Culture and Society

China: Culture and Society is a digital collection of about 1,200 extremely rare pamphlets from Cornell University Library’s Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia.

China: Trade, Politics & Culture 1793-1980a

This database provides English-language sources relating to China and the West from 1793 to 1980. It covers almost any aspect of Chinese history during the two centuries of monumental social and political upheaval that ultimately recreated China into a modern power.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks Online

This E-Yearbooks database contains the China Economy Yearbook, the China Educational Development Yearbook, the China Environment Yearbook, The China Legal Development yearbook, the China Population and Labor Yearbook, the China Society Yearbook from 2007 to 2009.

Chinese Civil War and U.S.-China Relations: Records of the U.S. State Department¿s Office of Chinese Affairs, 1945-1955

This database contains the records of the U.S. State Department’s Office of Chinese Affairs from 1945 to 1955. It provides valuable insight into numerous domestic issues in Communist and Nationalist China, U.S.

Chinese Historical Newspapers

This database includes the English-language newspapers from China from 1932 to 1953.  Papers covers the North China Herald (1850-1941), Canton Times (1917-1920), China Critic, The China Press (1925-1938), the China Weekly Review (1917-1953), the Chinese Recorder (1868-1940), the Chinese Repository (1831-1851), the Peking Daily News (1914-1917), the Peking Gazette (1915-1917), the Peking Leader (1918-1919), the Shanghai Gazette (1919-1921), the Shanghai Times (1914-1921).

Chinese Recorder and the Protestant Missionary Community in China, 1867-1941

This database contains The Chinese Recorder from 1867 to 1941.

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Journals in Reading Room

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Gateway Service Center for Chinese Academic Journals

Gateway Service

The East Asian Gateway Service at the University of Pittsburgh library provides delivery of full-text copies of Chinese language academic journal articles published in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.  Full-text articles requested from the United States are transmitted electronically via the internet from the participating libraries in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea which hold the titles to Pittsburgh, where they are then sent to requesters.  Online Request Form for Chinese Materials is provided for your convenience to send your request to Pittsburgh.

Before you request the service, please read the Chinese User Guide carefully.  It will help you to clearly know what you cant get from this service and understand what is the restriction or limitation.

User Guide

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