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CHN 373: Confucian Classics

Course Guide to CHN 373W/EAS 374W/REL 374W by Dr. Maria Franca Sibau

Getting Started

This Guide is created for the class of Confucian Classics,CHN 373W/EAS 374W/REL 374W. 

By class learning and following your professor's instruction, you have now formed your research interest and topic for your research paper, it's time to start locating materials, read and analyze the materials you have gathered, then organize them and begin your writing.

The resources you are going to search are in different formats, they are books both in printed and electronic versions; articles from printed journals, electronic journals, online databases; and information from web pages.  During the process of your search, please keep in mind to constantly evaluate your search results -- are they scholarly information?  Who is the author?  What are the author's academic credentials?  Are the materials relevant to my topic?  To know more of the criterion for evaluating your search results, you can check UC Berkeley's Critical Evaluation of Resources, Cornell's Critically Analyzing Information Sources and CSU Chico's CRAAP test.

Please remember to ask for help as you need, schedule a research consulation appointment with me either through phone (7-0411) or email (, I'll be happy to work with you.


Visit the Writing Center for Your Paper

Need help writing your research paper?  Emory has a Writing Center to help you.  Please visit the website and make an appointment as you need.

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