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History Dissertations Arranged by Date


Ast, Theresa Lynn (2000.). Confronting the Holocaust : American soldiers who liberated the Concentration Camps.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .A87 2000
STACKS E11.5 .A87 2000
World War 1939-1945 Concentration camps Liberation
World War 1939-1945 Personal narratives American
Holocaust Jewish (1939-1945) Personal narratives

Bennighof, Michael (2000.). Echoes of Radetzky : institutional memory and the Austrian Campaign in Italy, 1866.
STACKS DB1.5 .B45 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . DB1.5 .B45 2000
Austria History 1848-1867
Austria Armee History
Austro-Prussian War 1866
Custozza, Battle of, 1866

Ekonomou, Andrew John (2000.). Byzantium on the palatine : eastern influences on Rome and the papacy, 590-752 A.D.
STACKS DG11.5 .E46 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . DG11.5 .E46 2000
Rome (Italy) History 476-1420
Rome (Italy) Civilization Byzantine influences
Papacy History To 1309

Fosl, Catherine Anne (2000.). Once comes the moment to decide : Anne Braden and the Civil Rights Movement.
STACKS E11.5 .F68 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .F68 2000
Women civil rights workers Kentucky Louisville
Braden, Anne 1924-
Louisville (Ky.) Race relations

Hahn, Steven C. (2000.). The invention of the Creek Nation : a political history of the Creek Indians in the South's Imperial Era, 1540-1763.
STACKS E11.5 .H362 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .H362 2000
Creek Indians History
Creek Indians Government relations

Horstmann, Stacey Michele (2000.). Political apprenticeship of Southern women : the political history of white women's organizations in Georgia, 1880-1920.
STACKS E11.5 .H67 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .H67 2000
Women United States Societies and clubs History
Women Southern States History
Women in politics Georgia

Kemp, Julie Hofmann (2000.). Dynamics of Carolingian government as seen in the Fulda sources.
STACKS DC1.5 .K45 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . DC1.5 .K45 2000
Germany History Early Period To 843
France Politics and government To 987
Abtei Fulda

Kilbourne, E. Michelle (2000.). Self-made men : the margins of manliness among northern industrial workers, 1850-1920.
Masculinity United States History
Working class United States
Middle class men United States

Lemon, Jason Edward (2000.). The encomienda in early New Spain.
STACKS F1201.5 .L44 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . F1201.5 .L44 2000
Encomiendas (Latin America) History 16th century
Mexico History Conquest, 1519-1540
Mexico History Spanish colony1540-1810

Locklin, Nancy L. (2000.). Women in early modern Brittany : rethinking work and identity in a traditional economy.
STACKS DA10.5 .L63 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . DA10.5 .L63 2000
Women France Brittany 17th Century
Women France Brittany 18th Century
Family France Brittany 17th Century
Family France Brittany 18th Century
Women Employment France Brittany History

Mercantini, Jonathan (2000.). Colony in conflict : South Carolina, 1748-1766.
STACKS E11.5 .M478 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .M478 2000
South Carolina History Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775
South Carolina Politics and government To 1775

Parks, Annette (2000.). Living pledges : a study of hostageship in the High Middle Ages 1050-1300.
STACKS DA10.5 .P3747 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . DA10.5 .P3747 2000
Hostages Great Britain History
Great Britain History 1066-1687

Wendelken, Rebecca Woodward (2000.). Red metal on the steppes : the Spassky Copper Mines, Ltd., 1904 to 1919.
STACKS DK1.5 .W45 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . DK1.5 .W45 2000
Mines and mineral resources Russia
Mines and mineral resources Soviet Union
Mineral industries Russia
Mineral industries Soviet Union

Wynot, Jennifer Jean (2000.). Keeping the faith : Russian Orthodox Monasticism in the Soviet Union, 1917-1939.
STACKS BX1.5 .W96 2000
SPECIALCOL DIS . BX1.5 .W96 2000
Soviet Union Religion
Monasticism and religious orders Soviet Union
Russkaia pravoslavnaia tserkov Soviet Union History


Carrigan, William Dean (1999). Between south and west : race, violence, and power in central Texas, 1836-1916. 1999.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .C335 1999
STACKS E11.5 .C335 1999
Texas Race relations
Texas History Republic, 1836-1846

Fletcher, Yaël Simpson (1999). City, nation, and empire in Marseilles, 1919-1939. 1999.
STACKS DC1.5 .F44 1999
SPECIALCOL DIS . DC1.5 .F44 1999
National characteristics, French
Marseille (France) History 20th century
Marseille (France) Emigration and immigration
Marseille (France) Social conditions

Gagnon, Michael John (1999). Transition to an industrial South : Athens, Georgia, 1830-1870.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .G256 1999
STACKS E11.5 .G256 1999
Industrialization Georgia Athens History 19th century
Textile industry Georgia Athens History 19th century
Athens (Ga.) Social conditions 19th century
Athens (Ga.) Economic conditions 19th century

Oatis, Steven James (1999). A colonial complex : South Carolina's changing frontiers in the era of the Yamasee War, 1680-1730. 1999.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .O37 1999
STACKS E11.5 .O37 1999
Indians of North America Wars South Carolina
Indians of North America Wars 1600-1750
South Carolina History Colonial period ca. 1600-1775

Paz, Gustavo Luis (1999). Province and nation in northern Argentina. Peasants, elite and the state, Jujuy 1780-1880. 1999.
STACKS CB3.5 .P39 1999
SPECIALCOL DIS . CB3.5 .P39 1999
Jujuy (Argentina : Province) History
Argentina History 18th century
Argentina History 19th century

Reznick, Jeffrey S. (1999). Rest, recovery, and rehabilitation : healing and identity in Great Britain in the first world war. 1999.
STACKS DA10.5 .R49 1999
SPECIALCOL DIS . DA10.5 .R49 1999
Medicine, Military Great Britain History
Rehabilitation History Great Britain
World War 1914-1918 Medical care Great Britain

Stolba, Christine Allison (1999). A corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit : religion and the American Eugenics Movement. 1999.
SPECIALCOL DIS . HM7.5 .S764 1999
STACKS HM7.5 .S764 1999
Eugenics United States History
American Eugenics Society History
Eugenics Moral and Ethical Aspects

Storey, Margaret deMontcourt (1999). Southern Ishmaelites : wartime Unionism and its consequences in Alabama, 1860-1874. 1999.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .S78 1999
STACKS E11.5 .S78 1999
Unionists (United States Civil War) Alabama History
Reconstruction Alabama
Alabama History Civil War 1861-1865 Public opinion

Williams, Frank (1999). The consuls of Agen from the end of the Hundred Years War to the beginning of the Wars of Religion. 1999.
STACKS DC1.5 .W54 1999
SPECIALCOL DIS . DC1.5 .W54 1999
Agen (France) History
Agen (France) Politics and Government


Aldridge, Daniel W., III (1998). Visions of a new world order : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the origins of the United Nations Organization, 1913-1945. 1998.
SPECIALCOL DIS . JC11.5 .A53 1998
STACKS JC11.5 .A53 1998
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano) 1882-1945
United Nations History
United States History 1933-1945
United States Foreign relations 1933-1945

Beckel, Deborah (1998). Roots of reform the origins of populism and progressivism as manifest in relationships among reformers in Raleigh, North Carolina, 1850-1905.
SPECIALCOL DIS . JC11.5 .B42 1998
STACKS JC11.5 .B42 1998
Social reformers United States North Carolina History
Nichols, John 1834-1917
Harris, James Henry 1832-1891
Polk, Leonidas Lafayette 1837-1892
Heck, Fannie Exile Scudder 1862-1915

Doyle, Leo Andrew (1998). Causes won, not lost : football and southern culture, 1892-1983.
SPECIALCOL DIS . GT1.5 .D69 1998
STACKS GT1.5 .D69 1998
Football Social aspects Southern States
Football Social aspects Alabama
College sports Social aspects Southern States
College sports Social aspects Alabama

Grady-Willis, Winston A. (1998). A changing tide : black politics and activism in Atlanta, Georgia 1960-1977.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .G73 1998
STACKS E11.5 .G73 1998
African Americans Civil rights Georgia Atlanta History 20th century
Civil rights movements Georgia Atlanta History 20th century
Black power Georgia Atlanta History
Atlanta (Ga.) Race relations

Holler, Jacqueline (1998). Escogidas plantas : nuns and beatas in Mexico City, 1531-1601.
STACKS BX1.5 .H64 1998
SPECIALCOL DIS . BX1.5 .H64 1998
Monasticism and religious orders for women Mexico Mexico City
Women Religious life Mexico Mexico City
Convents Mexico Mexico City

May, Andrew David (1998). The RAND Corporation and the dynamics of American Strategic Thought, 1946-1962.
SPECIALCOL DIS . U4.5 .M39 1998
STACKS U4.5 .M39 1998
Rand Corporation History
United States Military Policy
Nuclear weapons

Paradis, David H. . (1998). The political dimensions of the English Rising of 1381.
SPECIALCOL DIS . DA10.5 .P373 1998
Great Britain History 14th century
Tyler's Insurrection 1381
Peasant uprisings England History
Great Britain History Richard II 1377-1399

Proctor, Nicolas Wolfe (1998). Bathed in blood : hunting in the antebellum south.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .P76 1998
STACKS E11.5 .P76 1998
Hunting Philosophy Southern States History
Hunting Psychological aspects Southern States History
Hunting Social aspects Southern States History

Reed, Jeffrey W. (1998). In the shadow of Leviathan: the development of conservative republicanism in Virginia's political thought 1790-1831.
SPECIALCOL DIS . E11.5 .R44 1998
STACKS E11.5 .R44 1998
Republicanism Virginia History 1775-1865
Virginia Politics and government 1775-1865


Cochran, B. Barnett (1997). Grace, virtue, and law : political discourse and the search for national identity in the early Scottish Enlightenment.
STACKS DA10.5 .C62 1997
SPECIALCOL DIS . DA10.5 .C62 1997
National characteristics Scottish
Enlightenment Scotland
Wallace, Robert 1697-1771
Turnbull, George 1698-1748

Grant, Robert Martin (1997). Liutprand and the Lombards : intruders in their Italian homeland.
STACKS DG11.5 .G73 1997
SPECIALCOL DIS . DG11.5 .G73 1997
Lombards Italy History
Italy History 476-774

McDaniel, Mareva Layne (1997). Let the daughters be educated : legal and literary discourse about White South Carolina women's education, 1840-1900.
SPECIALCOL DIS . L97.5 .M3339 1997
STACKS L97.5 .M3339 1997
Women Education South Carolina History 19th century

Tuten, Belle Stoddard (1997). Holy litigants : the Nuns of Ronceray d'Angers and their neighbors, 1028-1200.
STACKS BX1.5 .T89 1997
Monasticism and religious orders for women France History Middle Ages, 600-1500
Nuns France History 1000-1328
Ronceray d'Angers (Benedictine Abbey: Angers, France)