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Data Resources on the European Union

This guide is a collection of links to data resources relevant for studying the European Union.

CD-ROM/Non-Web Databases

Banks Cross-National Time-Series (CNTS) Data Archive
The Banks CNTS contains time-series data on a variety of economic, political, and social topics (e.g. GDP, regime type, population, infrastructure). A complete list of variables is available here. The temporal coverage is from 1815 to 2009, varying by country and topic. The geographic coverage is global. We cannot distribute the dataset in its entirety to users but can help users create subsets of countries, years, and variables which they can take with them for use in their analysis. An older version of the database with data up to 1994 is available in Excel here.

Datastream Advance
Datastream contains a near-endless list of macroeconomic and microeconomic data, drawing from a mix of public and private sources, national and international. In additional to its array of macroeconomic indicators, it also has more specialized databases of exchange rates, interest rates, bonds, and equities.

Eurostat Statistics DVD
The Eurostat Statistics DVD is a very comprehensive source for economic and social data for EU members at both the national and sub-national/regional level. Some of its databases also include data for countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the DVD in the Data Center, there is also an on-line interface. More recent data from this database are also now available directly from the Eurostat website. The Eurostat interface does not cover as many years as does the DVD, but it will allow users to download data into spreadsheet formats. Please note that none of the interfaces is entirely user-friendly.

International Almanac of Electoral History, by Thomas Mackie and Richard Rose
Available in Woodruff Reference. The International Almanac of Electoral History provides national-level electoral results for legislatures (and, where relevant, presidential elections) going back as far as the late 1800's.

International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750-2005 by B.R. Mitchell
Available in Woodruff Reference (HA1107 .M5 2007). Mitchell's International Historical Statistics provides a detailed set of historical statistics for European countries. Mitchell's text includes detailed measures of the amount of investment in agriculture and investments in industry.

OECD Health
The OECD Health database contains an extensive amount of data on health indicators, health-related lifestyle matters, and health policy for developed countries.

A complete list of the Data Center's non-web databases is available here. The databases are accessible via the Data Center's public workstations.