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Researching Graduate Schools: Paying for Graduate School

There are many factors to consider in choosing a graduate school. While the library resources mentioned here can help you educate yourself about graduate school, we strongly urge you to take advantage of the Pre-Graduate School Advising and placement ser

Paying for Graduate School

Many options exist for paying for graduate school, such as scholarships, fellowships and assistantships, and loans. The Library's Grants Research Guide contains some information on scholarships, grants and fellowships.

Many employers offer partial or full tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits package, so check with your employer for details.

There are many tax benefits available for students when you file your state and federal income tax returns. Find out more about them through IRS Publication 970 - Tax Benefits for Education.

Check with the Emory University Office of Financial Aid and the Emory University Career Center for more information.


In addition to the resources in the Career Center, the Woodruff Library contains a number of resources that can assist you as you research funding options for graduate school:

The College Board Scholarship Handbook
Reference LB2338.C597 2005


Money for Graduate Students in the Arts & Humanities
Career Reference LB2337.2.M652 2007/2009


Money for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences
Career Reference LB2337.2.M653 2007/2009


Money for Graduate Students in the Health Sciences
Career Reference LB2337.2.M6532 2007/2009


Money for Graduate Students in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Career Reference LB2337.2.M667 2007/2009


Money for Graduate Students in the Physical & Earth Sciences
Career Reference LB2337.2.M654 2007/2009


Financial Aid for African Americans
Reference LB2337.4.F52 2006/2008


Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans
Reference LB2337.4.F53 2006/2008


Financial Aid for Native Americans
Reference LB2337.4.F538 2006/2008


Financial Aid for Asian Americans
Reference LB2337.4.F527 2006/2008

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