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Political Science Honors and Graduate Guide

Tracking citations to published works

Follow the trail of footnotes and bibliographies in everything you read! Old-fashioned footnote chasing is still one of the best research strategies, even in the digital age.

Citations can be tracked through the following databases:


  • Includes journal articles in medicine, science, social sciences, and arts & humanities. 
  • Search for a particular work, then click the number under Cited by. Or, search for a particular author, select the correct author, and click the number under Cited by for each article. 

Google Scholar (free)

  • Includes multi-disciplinary journal articles, conference proceedings, and books. 
  • Search for a particular work, then click on Cited by (number)

Web of Science (Emory subscription)

  • Includes journal articles (in Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Index databases), conference proceedings (in Conference Proceedings Citation Index), and books (in Book Citation Index database).
  • Use Cited Reference Search to see how many times a particular work or author has been cited.
  • Or, search for a particular work, then click on the number that follows Times Cited
  • Create a Citation Alert to be notified of when a particular work is cited.