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U.S. Public Policy Research

State Public Policy Resources

  • Book of the States
  • StateNet (formerly LexisNexis State Capital)
    Excellent resource that holds information on state bills and statutes. Please contact the Political Science Librarian for a username and password.
    Excellent site that collects and archives articles and reports about different issues of state politics. Has a searchable archive and allows you to search by state, keyword, issue, etc. The only downside is that the site links to several articles from sources which require (free registration).
  • National Governors Association
    Extensive list and full-text of policies and reports on federal-state relations, economic development, human and natural resources.
  • City and County Data Book (University of Virginia)
    The 1988, 1994, and 2000 electronic editions are available here. These data books contain a substantial amount of information on a variety of state-level socio-economic and demographic indicators. Print copies available in Reference.
  • Gateway to State and Local Information (from the Rockefeller Institute of Government)
    News, data, and analysis on the finances and unemployment of state and local governments. A number of downloadable excel files are available.
  • State and Local Government Information (Library of Congress)
    Large portal of links to various state government agencies and legislative bodies.
  • Council of State Governments
    Coordinating group that analyzes and investigates state issues and policies and publisher of the Book of the States.
  • Urban Institute