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CHN 368: Writing Women in Traditional China

This guide is created for the class of Writing Women in Traditional China. It provides the students in this class with library resources that related to their' research projects and research papers. It also directs students to the useful links and tools

Guide to Writing Women in Traditional China

This guide is created to support the students' class researches, projects and papers.  It provides information in the formats of books, journals, databases and useful websites that related to the subject areas covered by this class. 
Besides this guide, the library also created a simple way to help you learn more about the library services and how to start to form a research topic and conduct research on the topic, please go to the link below:

Library Simplified

The Library staff have created this simple guide to help you learn more about the library and the services we have to offer.

To get started, find your question below and follow the links to learn more! 

I need to start my research or pick a topic

I need to find sources for my research

I am looking for a specific item

I have a question about articles

I have a question about books

Are these sources good for my research?

I need help citing or using sources

I need help with printer, login, or access issues

Need Help?

Librarians are available to help you in-person or via telephone and e-mail.  For immidiate help, simply stop by the Service Desk on the second floor, ask the library staff on duty there.  If you'd like to set up an appointment to work with me on the resources you need for your research project or paper, please email me with your research topic and questions, we can then meet to work on them. 


Here is my email address:  You can also fill in the Schedule A Research Consultation form and set up your appointment that way as well.


Visit Emory Writing Center for Help

If you need help write your research paper or term paper, you can make an appointment at Emory Writing Center.  Please visit EMORY WRITING CENTER