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FILM 285W Computer-Generated Imagery (Allison) SP 2024

Film-related LC (Library of Congress) Subject Headings

In the library catalog, books, videos and other materials are assigned Library of Congress (LC) subject headings based on their content. Here is a sample list of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)-related subject headings, some of which pertain equally to books and videos (visual materials). When you view catalog records in Library Search, these subject headings display as active links pointing to other items with the same subject.

This is not an exhaustive list of subject headings pertinent to CGI and computer animation, but it should give you a sense of commonly used vocabulary and how subject headings are structured.

Sample Subject Headings

Animated films--History and criticism
Animation (Cinematography)
Cinematography--Special effects
Cinematography--Technological innovations
Computer animation
Digital cinematography
Human locomotion--Computer simulation
Motion picture industry--Technological innovations
Pixar (Firm)
Realism in motion pictures