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AAS 384 | HIST 384 Slavery in US History and Culture

Search "Logic"

Boolean Operators link concepts and are used to broaden or narrow your search.

AND - finds results with your all search terms.  AND narrows your search.

OR - finds results with any of your search terms.  OR broadens your search.

NOT - finds search terms only before the NOT.  NOT narrows your search.

Searching for Primary Sources

Not finding what you need? Try these search tips:

  • Use the language of the time (slave, hand, servant, etc. vs. enslaved person)
  • Set your date parameters 
  • Search using phrases (ex. "Abagail Adams")
  • Use proximity searching (slav*), wildcards (Sm?th), and Boolean language (ex. "John Adams" OR "President Adams")
  • Identify contemporary places/persons/events (think about the who, what, where of your topic)

How to Search for Names in Newspapers

Searching for Place Names