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HIST285 Introduction to Native American History

Finding Books

Search our library catalog, Library Search, for books, film and other media.

LCSH Subject Headings

When starting your search, you should think about keywords you could incorporate into your search strategies. For an overview of these terms related to Native American and Indigenous Studies check out this guide from Franklin Pierce University. 

  • Native
  • Native American
  • American Indian
  • Indian
  • Alaskan Native
  • Indigenous People
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Hawaii Natives
  • First Nations, Native, Aboriginal, First People (Canada)
  • Inuit (Canada)
  • Metis (Canada)

Materials and authors may include the specific names of groups. Note that different spellings may be common.  

  • Muskogee (Creek)
  • Delaware
  • Ione Band
  • Me-Wuk / Miwok
  • Miami
  • Navajo
  • Nation Seneka
  • Seneca Nation of New York
  • Shawnee