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HIST341 The Era of the American Revolution

Welcome and Contacts

Welcome to your course guide for HIST341!

On this guide you'll find links to primary source databases. For help finding secondary sources and for other US History tips, please visit the United States History Research Guide

If you have any questions, set up e-mail or set up an appointment with US History Librarian, Erica Bruchko.

Search Tips

Not finding what you need? Try these search tips:

  • Use the language of the time (slave, hand, servant, etc. vs. enslaved person)
  • Set your date parameters 
  • Search using phrases (ex. "American Revolution")
  • Use proximity searching (slav*), wildcards (Sm?th), and Boolean language (ex. "John Adams" OR "President Adams")
  • Identify contemporary places/persons/events (think about the who, what, where of your topic)

How to Search for Names in Newspapers

Searching for Place Names