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Library Resources for Course Prep

Links and other resources to help you prepare your courses

Step 1: Open Library Search & Search by Book/Journal Title

Open Emory University's library catalog - Library Search - to begin your search for eligible print materials in the collection. Enter the title of the book or journal you're seeking, not the chapter or article title. Click Search.

Results from your search will appear as a list below the search bar sorted automatically by relevance.

Step 2: Locate Item

Open the desired item record by clicking Locate > Locate/Request This Item below the matching citation.

Step 3: Sign In

Sign in to the catalog using one of two Sign In links: in the upper right corner of the page, or in the yellow bar under Get It. If you are already signed in, you will see your name in the upper right corner instead of the option to sign in.Item record for Radical Philosophy Review: RPR with two "sign in" links.

A new window will prompt you to sign in with your NetID and password. This is the same username/password you use for systems like Canvas, OPUS, and PeopleSoft.
Trouble logging in? Contact the University Service Desk at 404.727.7777 or submit an IT support request at

Emory login options     Emory login page


Step 4: Select a Volume or Copy (if necessary)

If Emory owns more than one copy or volume, you'll be presented with a list. Click the expand arrow icon on the far right side of the page to reveal request options.

"Get It" page section with multiple copies of a book

If there are many volumes, you can quickly navigate to the correct volume by clicking the filter icon to the right of Locations, then choosing the appropriate volume from the volume or year drop-down menus.

"Get It" section showing filter icon > volume dropdown > year 2018

Step 5: Request Article or Chapter

Click on the Request Article or Chapter link next to the appropriate volume or copy. This will direct you to the login page for ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan).

"Get It" section of page with multiple "Request Article or Chapter" links for each issue.


If this link doesn't appear for you, you can still place a scanning request, but you'll need to type or copy/paste all the information manually. To do so, please log on to ILLiad [], register if prompted, and then create a new request using either the "Article" or "Book Chapter" form.

Step 6: Sign In to ILLiad

Click on the appropriate box for your status (Emory Students, Faculty, and Staff OR ILLiad Proxies). Sign in, if prompted. If you've never used ILLiad at Emory before, you may be asked to fill out a one-time registration form before continuing.

Emory ILLiad authentication page

Step 7: Complete Request Form

The citation information for the book or volume will be pre-filled for you; please review this information and add any additional citation information that will help library staff locate the article or chapter you wish to consult. You'll typically need to add or review information for Year, Volume, Issue/Month, Article/Chapter Pages, Article/Chapter Title, and Article/Chapter Author.

Note: You can also request the table of contents by adding "TOC +" at the beginning of the Article/Chapter Pages & Title fields. E.g., "TOC + 77-101"  and  "TOC + The Dialectic of the Individual...". Or, if you don't know which chapter you need, you can request just the TOC first and later place another request for the specific chapter or article you need.

When you have completed the form, click Submit Request at the bottom of the page.

Step 8: Monitor Requests via ILLiad

You'll briefly see a confirmation note that the request has been submitted. Monitor your request by logging onto the ILLiad homepage under Active Requests. Contact the ILL office at or 404.727.6874 with any questions or concerns regarding your request.

ILLiad homepage showing confirmation message for submitted document and the list of active requests.

Step 9: View the PDF in ILLiad

You will be notified via email when requested articles are available for viewing. To view electronic document(s), log on to ILLiad and look under the top heading on the homepage, Electronic Documents. Click on either the item's title or the the View PDF button for the document you wish to view. Be sure to download the PDF right away to ensure long-term access.

Clicking on Actions > Review Request Details will display citation details for your request.

ILLiad homepage showing the requested article in the Electronic Documents section.

Electronic documents will be available via ILLiad for 30 days or until you delete them, whichever is earlier. If you accidentally delete an article that has been posted less than 30 days, contact your library's ILL office immediately to restore access to the article.