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HIST190 Doctors & Doctoring (Prude)

Physical Primary Sources

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Consider using the following subheadings to identify useful  primary source material:  autobiographies, autobiography, campaign speeches, correspondence, diaries, interviews, personal narratives, public opinion, speeches, addresses.

Search EmoryFindingAids for Emory archival collections

Are you interested in visiting the Rose Library or another archive on campus to see primary source materials in their original form? Start by exploring Emory's finding aids. These are guides to the collections housed in Emory's archives. To actually see most of the documents, you'll have request boxes and make an appointment. Contact me ( for help with how to do this!

Portals to Digital Archives

Don't know where to start? Try one of the following database portals. They allow researchers to search across the web and multiple databases produced by the same publisher.

American Newspapers and News Sources

Historical Magazines