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CL 190 Trojan War and Travels of Odysseus (Main)

The Iliad, the Odyssey, and their Influence: The primary purpose of this class is to introduce two of the earliest and (arguably) most influential works of Western literature, Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey.


Cassone panel with the Trojan Horse, an episode from the Iliad, book II

Cassone panel with the Trojan Horse, an episode from the Iliad, book II, Giovanni di ser Giovanni Guidi. Florence, 1460-65. Place: Musée national de la Renaissance, Château d'Ecouen

  1. Two 1-2 page response papers
  • Due Mon. Sept. 13th
  • Due Fri. Oct. 8th.
  1. One 5-6 page paper.
  • Due Fri. Nov. 5th by midnight
  1. 10-20 minute class presentation
  • Schedule anytime between Fri. Sept. 17th and the last day of class
  1. Final paper or project
  • substantial interpretation of some aspect of the Iliad and/or Odyssey
  • research paper on a topic relevant to Homeric epic or something more creative
  • Preliminary draft due in class on Monday, December 6th
  • Final due: ?

Sept 17th Agenda

Sept 17, 2021 Agenda

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