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Biology 141 Fall 2023

This guide is intended to help students in Biology 141 at Oxford.

Group Assignments

For your Bio 141 first introduction, you'll be asked to describe what we know about cardiovascular fitness as it relates to the independent variables you chose to investigate for your experiment.

To do this you'll need to engage with primary scientific literature, which is where you'll read about the original research that's been done on your topic. We have already identified keywords to use as search terms, now it's time to start searching! Each group will work with a different source - follow the tips below to search your source more efficiently.

All Groups

Not finding anything in your assigned source? Remember you can always search in Articles+, Emory's article search tool, using your same keywords. Try it out! Read some tips for searching in Articles+.

Group 1

Group 1 will be searching in Academic Search Complete.

Group 2

Group 2 will be searching in Google Scholar. For more tips on using Google Scholar, read the tab on this guide.

Group 3

Group 3 will be searching in Biosis Previews.

Group 4

Group 4 will be searching in PubMed.

Group 5

Group 5 will be searching in Annual Reviews. Articles in Annual Reviews are considered a secondary source, but a review gives you a list of titles of good primary articles that you can find or ask a librarian to help you find.

Group 6

Group 6 will be searching in Web of Science.