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History of Abolition in the US - Fagnan

This guide will help you locate resources for your assignments related to your abolitionist

Guide to Primary Sources on Abolitionists

For lots of information and resources on finding primary sources about Abolitionists, visit

Primary Sources on Abolition in the United States

Using DiscoverE to Locate Primary Source Material

Using DiscoverE to Locate Primary Source Material

Search DiscoverE, the Emory University Libraries' tool for searching the library catalog, databases, journal titles and other digital collections.

Advanced Search allows you to target your search to one or more specific indexes, including "Subject," using a search building tool. Select "In Subject" as the second search field to combine your keyword search with one of the following subject terms:

archives interviews
correspondence notebooks
diaries personal narratives
documents sources

Your results will be limited to items matching both search criteria, which are more likely to be considered primary sources.