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THEA 210W Reading for Performance (Fort)

Finding books in discoverE

You can find books in discoverE, the library catalog, using basic keyword searches. Depending on the topic you are searching, you may get more focused results using standardized Library of Congress (LC) subject headings. I recommend trying both approaches and seeing what works best for you.

Here is a sample list of subject headings related to the plays and authors assigned in this class. It is not exhaustive, but it gives you some idea of how LC subject headings are typically structured.






Scholarly Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles are good sources for:

  • Focused research on a specific aspect of a play, author, or theme.
  • The most recent scholarship on a topic. (Books can take years to research and publish.)
  • Research on less well-known figures who do not have many books on them yet.

Journal articles are also typically written for fellow specialists. If you need a more basic - or comprehensive - overview of a topic, try looking for books first.

These three databases are good starting points for drama and theater. For more efficient search results, you can:

  • Search all three together using the "Choose Databases" function on the EBSCOHost platform.
  • Limit your search results to journal articles using the left navigation filters.

All scholarly databases have their strengths and weaknesses. Always search in more than one place!

Handbooks and Companions

Handbooks and companions offer comprehensive overviews of a field of study, typically in more depth - and with more scholarly rigor - than encyclopedias.