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IDS 491 Senior Seminar

Find Primary Sources

Primary sources are firsthand accounts of events, recorded or produced by witnesses or recorders who were present at the time of the event or experienced the conditions being documented. You can use the following portals to help you start locating primary sources.

Using the Rose Library

Visit the Rose Library Website for the latest information on their fall 2020 services.

Emory's Rose Library is home to an extensive archival collection. The Rose Library archives cover a wide range of topics, including British and Irish literature, African American history, modern politics, and the civil rights movement.

To begin searching for materials housed in the Rose Library, visit their website. Here, you will find information about our various holdings in manuscript collections, archives, and rare books. The Rose Library provides useful tips for preparing for a research visit to help you navigate the process to request and view archival materials. You may also want to begin to familiarize yourself with their holdings by visiting our Introduction to Collections page.