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AAS 385W Voting Rights & Voter Suppression (Main)

Voting Rights: The Basics

Welcome to your library research guide for AAS385!

Need a place to get started? Here's a History of Federal Voting Rights Laws and an Introduction to Federal Voting Rights Laws from the Department of Justice. Also, check out this timeline from the American Civil Liberties Union, which traces voting rights from the 15th Amendment to Shelby v. Holder and the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014. It also includes videos and maps, like the one below, that detail various voter suppression measures.

Source: "The Potential Impact of Voter Identification Laws on Transgender Voters in the 2020 General Election," Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, February 2020. See also Voter Identification Requirements form the National Council of State Legislatures. Includes an interactive map with specific information on laws by state.